Oliver Bennet
What We May Also Do

2, 3 July 2024, 7pm

Event type: performance

Event location: Verdurin

Verdurin is delighted to present What We May Also Do, a new play by Oliver Bennett which responds to Anna Sebastian’s exhibition and with which it shares its title.

A woman approaches the gate of a walled city. Her admission depends on the depth of her moral liberation and embrace of boundless self-determination. A border guard assesses her character for its fit with the city’s society. In a series of interrogations, a charged relationship develops between the supplicant and her assessor. The process ultimately tests their belief in the system. 

Bennett’s play develops a theatrical language that responds to Sebastian’s work and engages with the psychoanalytic ‘Gloria’ films which also inspire the paintings. It challenges contemporary attitudes to sex, religion, and power by exposing liberal values upheld by flawed individuals.

Written and directed by Oliver Bennett. Performed by Oliver Bennett and Kristin Milward. Staged reading with a running time of 40 minutes and no intermission.

  • Oliver Bennett

    Oliver Bennett is a writer, actor, and director and co-founder of The Base Creates.

  • Kristin Milward

    Kristin Milward is an actress known for her work on the stage.