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Critique of Judgement by Immanuel Kant


Kant offers a penetrating analysis of our experience of the beautiful and the sublime, discussing the objectivity of taste, aesthetic disinterestedness, the relation of art and nature, the role of imagination, genius and originality, the limits of representation and the connection between morality and the aesthetic.

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In the profound depths of Kant’s “Critique of Judgment” (1790), lies a meticulous examination of human perception, where beauty and the sublime intertwine in the fabric of our existence. Kant delves into the essence of taste, dissecting its objectivity and the notion of aesthetic disinterestedness. Through his discourse, he navigates the intricate relationship between art and nature, illuminating the role of imagination, genius, and originality in shaping our aesthetic experiences.

Within these pages, Kant probes the limits of representation and contemplates the connection between morality and aesthetics, unraveling the threads that bind them together. His exploration extends to the apparent purposiveness of nature, dissecting its alignment with reason and enlightenment.

Across centuries, Kant’s insights have reverberated through the corridors of artistic and philosophical thought, leaving an indelible mark on classical and romantic periods alike. From the fertile grounds of Hegel and Schelling’s philosophies to the fertile minds of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, Kant’s work continues to serve as a cornerstone for diverse schools of thought.

J. C. Meredith’s timeless translation, now revised to modern standards, accompanies readers on this intellectual journey, complemented by a bilingual glossary for deeper understanding. This edition also unveils Kant’s insightful “First Introduction,” enriching our comprehension of his seminal work.

As part of the esteemed Oxford World’s Classics series, this volume stands as a testament to Oxford’s enduring commitment to scholarly excellence. With expert introductions, clarifying notes, and up-to-date bibliographies, it offers a gateway to the profound realms of Kantian philosophy for generations to come.

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Critique of Judgement


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