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Glittering Images by Camille Paglia


Organized as a devotional where the reader observes and contemplates one image at a time, Paglia traces the major periods of Western art image by image, so that each brief chapter could be a stand-alone essay.

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In the vast ocean of modern existence, images inundate our senses ceaselessly. From the intimate confines of personal devices to the expansive realms of mass media, our minds grapple with a torrent of visual stimuli, demanding rapid adaptation to navigate this visual landscape. Offering her guiding hand amidst this visual cacophony is none other than Camille Paglia, revered as America’s foremost intellectual provocateur.

Within the pages of her latest work, Paglia revisits the territory that catapulted her to fame, embedding our contemporary visual milieu within the grand tapestry of art history. With her characteristic audacity, she embarks on a journey through over two dozen seminal artworks spanning paintings, sculptures, architectural marvels, performance pieces, and digital creations—each a testament to the transformative power of artistic expression. Through meticulous analysis steeped in historical context, Paglia beckons us to scrutinize each image with newfound insight, from the timeless elegance of an Egyptian tomb to the frenetic energy of Jackson Pollock’s abstract masterpiece, “Green Silver,” and the provocative daring of Renée Cox’s performance piece, “Chillin’ with Liberty.”

In a denouement that resonates with her trademark flair, Paglia delivers a startling proclamation, declaring the demise of the avant-garde tradition while hailing film director George Lucas as the preeminent living artist of our era. Energized by her boundless passion, enriched by her profound erudition, and enlivened by her incisive wit, “Glittering Images” promises to revolutionize our perception of the visual world, forever altering the way we engage with and interpret the myriad images that surround us.

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Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars


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Camille Paglia

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