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Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America by Aby Warburg


Warburg’s 1923 lecture offers at once a window on his career, a formative statement of his cultural history of modernity, and a document in the ethnography of the American Southwest.

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In the illustrious annals of art and Renaissance history, Aby M. Warburg (1866–1929) reigns as a towering figure, revered not only for his erudition but also for his pioneering contributions to twentieth-century methods in iconology and cultural studies. His seminal 1923 lecture, previously available only in German and now presented in its entirety in English for the first time, serves as a poignant testament to his intellectual legacy—a testament that transcends disciplinary boundaries and offers profound insights into the cultural tapestry of modernity.

Within the pages of this historic lecture, Warburg’s singular voice echoes through the corridors of time, offering a panoramic view of his illustrious career and a foundational statement of his cultural history of modernity. Through the lens of ethnography, Warburg unveils the intricate web of connections that bind art, culture, and society, shedding light on the vibrant tapestry of human experience.

Accompanied by thirty-nine evocative photographs, many of them originally presented as slides during the lecture, this edition provides a visual feast for the reader, enhancing the immersive experience of Warburg’s profound discourse. Additionally, the translator’s rich interpretive essay offers invaluable insights into the nuanced layers of Warburg’s thought, guiding readers on a journey of intellectual discovery.

In bringing Warburg’s seminal lecture to a wider audience, this edition not only illuminates the genius of a singular intellect but also invites readers to engage with the rich legacy of cultural inquiry that continues to resonate in the corridors of academia and beyond.

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Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America


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Aby Warburg

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