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Obedience is Freedom by Jacob Phillips


Phillips provocatively argues that adherence to forgotten dimensions of obedience, such as loyalty and discipline, serves as a bulwark against contemporary coercion, offering a path to true liberation amidst societal malaise and ecological peril.

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In a world where the virtue of obedience languishes in the shadows of obsolescence, Phillips emerges as a modern-day alchemist, transmuting the dross of societal malaise into the golden elixir of existential liberation.

Through his incisive analysis, Phillips dares to challenge the prevailing zeitgeist, contending that the shackles of coercion and control lurk beneath the veneer of ostensible freedom. As society teeters on the precipice of ecological calamity, Phillips suggests that obedience to the moral law offers a salient refuge—a bastion of order and discipline in an increasingly disenchanted cosmos.

With erudition and eloquence, Phillips navigates the turbulent currents of cultural critique and philosophical inquiry, weaving a tapestry of insight and introspection. In his hands, the antiquated notions of loyalty, discipline, and order emerge as potent antidotes to the insidious forces of twenty-first-century domination.

Through the lens of literary scrutiny and philosophical rumination, Phillips invites readers to reevaluate their relationship with obedience, discovering within its forgotten dimensions the keys to emancipation from contemporary fetters. As he illuminates the path to true freedom, Phillips reminds us that in the embrace of obedience lies the promise of liberation—a timeless truth echoing through the annals of human history, awaiting rediscovery amidst the clamor of modernity.

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Obedience is Freedom


John Wiley and Sons Ltd


Jacob Phillips

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19 May 2022



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