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Sundried Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil


These Mirogallo sundried tomatoes in oil are the result of a simple and artisan process where 90% of the water naturally present in the tomatoes is extracted to preserve vitamins and minerals, keeping the flavours and nutritional properties intact. Once cut and dried they are marinated in extra virgin olive oil and oregano is added,…

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In the sun-drenched fields of Mirogallo, where the earth yields its bounty with a generosity known only to nature, a culinary gem awaits: Mirogallo Sundried Tomatoes in Oil. Born from a tradition steeped in simplicity and artisanal craftsmanship, these tomatoes are a testament to the timeless allure of Mediterranean flavors and the artistry of preserving nature’s gifts.

Crafted with care and reverence, Mirogallo Sundried Tomatoes undergo a meticulous process that begins with the gentle extraction of 90% of the water naturally present in the fruit. This delicate technique preserves the tomatoes’ vitamins and minerals, ensuring that their flavors and nutritional properties remain intact, like whispers of summer captured in every plump and vibrant slice.

Once cut and dried to perfection, these sun-kissed tomatoes are lovingly marinated in extra virgin olive oil, infusing them with the rich, fruity notes of the Mediterranean’s finest harvests. To enhance their natural essence further, a sprinkle of oregano is added, lending a touch of herbaceous sophistication that elevates the tomatoes to culinary perfection.

Whether enjoyed as a vibrant addition to salads, pastas, or antipasti platters, Mirogallo Sundried Tomatoes in Oil are a versatile staple that effortlessly enhances any dish. Their intense flavor and tender texture are a testament to the artistry of preservation and the time-honored traditions of Italian cuisine.

So go ahead, indulge in the sun-drenched flavors of Mirogallo Sundried Tomatoes, and let each bite transport you to the rolling hills of Italy, where the air is perfumed with the scent of ripe tomatoes and the promise of summer lingers in every mouthful.

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Dried Tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wine Vinegar, Oregano



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