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Walter Benjamin: The Story of a Friendship by Gershom Scholem


As Scholem revisits the passionate engagements over Marxism and Kabbala, Europe and Palestine that he shared with Benjamin, it is as if he sought to summon up his lost friend’s spirit again, to have the last word in the argument that might have saved his life.

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In the narratives of twentieth-century intellectual luminaries, Gershom Scholem emerges as an eminent scholar delving into the depths of Jewish mysticism, while Walter Benjamin shines as a philosophical virtuoso blending the realms of revolution, revelation, and esotericism within his remarkable essays. Their acquaintance burgeoned during Scholem’s formative years, intertwining their destinies in a bond of profound camaraderie and intellectual exchange. Scholem’s recollection of their association, a pivotal juncture for both, oscillates between homage to Benjamin’s captivating brilliance and lament for the inner turmoil and intellectual tumult that led to Benjamin’s tragic demise in 1940.

In the intricate tapestry of Scholem’s narrative, we encounter a blend of affectionate reminiscence and poignant introspection, characterized by a blend of fervent debate and profound affection. “Walter Benjamin: The Story of a Friendship” transcends mere memoir, adopting the complexities of character and motive reminiscent of a finely woven novel. As Scholem retraces their fervent dialogues on Marxism, Kabbalah, European affairs, and the Zionist movement, one senses an earnest attempt to rekindle Benjamin’s spirit, as if seeking closure in the unending discourse that might have altered his friend’s fate.

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Walter Benjamin: The Story of a Friendship


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