Aimee Armstrong

Aimee Armstrong is an actor and director based in the UK/ New York. Her work portrays modern relationships in a post-internet, post-woke, post-infographic world exploring themes such as gender, nightlife, trauma, and the internet in a way that unapologetically disregards social traditions and breaks taboos. She is also known for online satire and her outspoken views on LGBTQ+ issues.

In 2024 Armstrong premiered her debut short film “Envy/Desire” which tackles mimetic desire and gender envy through the guise of a soap opera-style relationship between a seemingly hetero hunk Ethan (played by George Olesky) and NY socialite transsexual Bella (Played by Aimee herself). Armstrong is currently working on a sequel feature film to it, and a separate short film project set in London about sexual assault in the London queer Nightlife scene.

  • Envy/Desire and Josō

    23 February 2024

    A screening of Josō by David Panos and Sharon Kinsella and Envy/Desire by Aimee Armstrong, with a discussion led by Nina Power.