Ann Snelgrove-McKerracher

Ann Snelgrove-McKerracher’s background is in social science research. She has a Bachelor of Science from Boise State University where she was part of a research cohort that studied the neoliberalization of higher education. There she developed and taught a course examining the worth of a college education. “What is the Good Life?” is the question which underlies Ann’s research and political activity. 

At Theory Underground, Ann is a co-instructor for The Idea of the University, Digital Literacy, and Critical Media Theory, and Critical Doxology and Timenergy. 

When not doing theory related research, she can be found travelling the world with David McKerracher, learning languages, reading novels, baking, hiking, and participating in local theatre.

  • Underground Theory

    Underground Theory is a collection of timely and cutting edge essays by working class nobodies who are just trying to think, plus some big-named renegade academics who see the value in David McKerracher’s timenergy theory, Mikey (of The Dangerous Maybe blog)’s working class education work, or the general idea of radical grass roots experiments that have institutional support.