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Underground Theory


Underground Theory is a collection of timely and cutting edge essays by working class nobodies who are just trying to think, plus some big-named renegade academics who see the value in David McKerracher’s timenergy theory, Mikey (of The Dangerous Maybe blog)’s working class education work, or the general idea of radical grass roots experiments that have institutional…


Each chapter contributes in some fundamental way to the ultimate questions, concepts, problems, or fields within the purvue of TU’s research agenda. theorizing the emerging education and philosophy underground, critical media theory (CMT), ideology critique (including the Left itself), historical interpretation, and even a work on the dialectics of fitness, health, and nutrition. What unifies all these threads? The question concerning who we are and what is the nature of The Good Life.

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Underground Theory and Alternative Education

  • The Idea of the Neoliberal University: Reflections of a Disenfranchised College Graduate by Ann Snelgrove
  • The PMC and the Walls That Separate Us From Them: An Extramural Missive on Algorithmic Capital, Recognition Debt, and the New Peasants by Bryce Nance
  •  Don’t Write Like Theory Academics by Catherine Liu
  • Wage Labor and Jouissance: Why the Left Needs Žižek to Understand Workers by Michael Downs
  • Mikey for the Classroom by Jennifer Friedlander, Alan Ke, Emilio Esquivel Marquez, Sophie Krop
  • How to Produce a Radical Subject? Dialectics of a Philosophical Institution of the Common by Michał Rams-Ługowski
  • Running in the Shadows: Vignettes and Constellations by Bryan Weeks
  • From The Idea of the University to The Real of the University: Reflections Pointing towards the Possibility of a New Intellectual Life by Cadell Last
  • The Swoletariat’s Letter to Soft-Bodied Theory Dorks: Dialectics of Fitness by Eamon Radecki
  • The Soldering of the American Mind by Phillip Shinn

Critical Media Theory

  • Mnemosyne and the Fate of Capital in the Digital Age: Ammon’s Law, Technology, and The Invisible Revolution by Samuel Loncar
  • A Letter on Lewis Mumford by Marshall McLuhan
  • Millennials and Loneliness: McLuhan and Levinas on the Phone by Michael Downs
  • The Algorithmic Stage: Subjectivization in the Age of the Attention Economy by David McKerracher

Ideology Critique

  • Difference…As Such by Nick Castellucci
  • Enjoy Your Trump! Or, How We Learned to Love the Id and Ignore the Superego by Russell Sbriglia
  • Therapism, Psychoanalysis, and Ideology by Andrew Flores
  • To Opt for the Bad Side by Nour Hariri
  • And Yet it Moves: Interpassivity Between the Sheets by Michael Gray
  • Huey P. Newton, Future Trauma vs. Past Trauma, and the Politics of the Infinite from the Bottom of Society by Sean Mittelstaedt
  • Is Sex Passé? by Alenka Zupančič

The Left and Its Critique

  • Identity Politics vs. Class Struggle: What the Bernie Sanders Campaign Revealed by Norman Finkelstein
  • Living and Dying in a Mad World by Slavoj Žižek
  • On the Necessity of Talking by Nina Power
  • Belonging on the Left Today: Or How to Avoid the Dissident Trap by Daniel Tutt
  • The Vampire Castle is PMC (But PMC Should Not Be Used As An Epithet) by Elton L.K.
  • Universalist or Identity Politics: Universalist politics or identity-based politics? An important choice to make for a freer, more humane and human-centred social order. by Christine Louis Dit Sully
  • The Negative Dialectic of Marxism by Chris Cutrone
  • How the 2020 Lockdown Served Capitalism: The left’s one-sided analyses of the pandemic failed to take account of the system’s need for ever-deepening crises by Ted Reese
  • Lefter Than Thou: Enjoyment and Discursive Taylorism by David McKerracher
  • Historical Interpretation and the History of Philosophy

Historical Interpretation and the History of Philosophy

  • Uncool Britannia: Art and Gentrification in London in the ‘00s by Mike Watson
  • Totalitarianism or Anarchy? Rethinking Mao’s Cultural Revolution and the Contradictions of “Anti-State” Politics by Tony Chamas
  • Limiting Us to Freedom by Todd McGowan

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Underground Theory

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  • David McKerracher

    David is the founder and organisers of Theory Underground.

  • Bryce Nance

    Bryce Nance always wanted to go to college. Not for a degree or career, but to be “a man of letters”.

  • Ann Snelgrove-McKerracher

    Ann is a co-instructor at Theory Underground. She is interested in the question of the ‘Good Life’.

  • Nina Power

    Nina Power is a philosopher and critic.