David McKerracher

David McKerracher is the founder and organiser of Theory Underground. He started as a feral child in the woods, grew up in poverty, and then went into a ton of debt to be the first of his family to get a college degree. David’s studies focused on philosophy, psychology, and critical theory. He planned to teach at the university, but his state institution was not amenable to the kind of robust, dynamic, and engaged research and instruction he and his associates sought. 

Thus, in 2022, David launched Theory Underground, a teaching, research, and publishing platform by and for dropout workers with earbuds and burnt out post-grads who want to understand “The Situation” as a means towards figuring out the conditions of possibility for The Good Life. The big emphases of research at TU are critical media theory, critique of political economy, psychoanalysis, phenomenology, existentialism, and post-marxism.

David has published two books, edited another volume, and teaches several courses at Theory Underground.

  • Underground Theory

    Underground Theory is a collection of timely and cutting edge essays by working class nobodies who are just trying to think, plus some big-named renegade academics who see the value in David McKerracher’s timenergy theory, Mikey (of The Dangerous Maybe blog)’s working class education work, or the general idea of radical grass roots experiments that have institutional support.

  • Timenergy by David McKerracher

    Why are we so tired all the time? Why do our attempts to change habits and accomplish goals continuously fall apart? Why is everyone so anxious, stressed, and lonely?