Bryce Nance

Bryce Nance is someone who always wanted to go to college, not for a degree or career, but to be “a man of letters.” A combination of class background and life circumstances made it impossible for Nance to attend university when it would have made sense, so he is now supplementing his education at Theory Underground. 

Together with David McKerracher, Nance hosts M-C-M^ vs. C-M-T3, a podcast which expands on Theory Underground’s research into critique of political economy. Nance was recently published in Underground Theory.

  • Underground Theory

    Underground Theory is a collection of timely and cutting edge essays by working class nobodies who are just trying to think, plus some big-named renegade academics who see the value in David McKerracher’s timenergy theory, Mikey (of The Dangerous Maybe blog)’s working class education work, or the general idea of radical grass roots experiments that have institutional support.