Malcom Kyeyune

Malcolm Kyeyune is a Swedish writer and commentator known for his critiques of contemporary leftist politics. He frequently contributes to platforms like UnHerd and Compact Magazine, where he discusses topics ranging from economic inequality to the dynamics of modern political movements. Until recently he tweeted to a cult audience under the handle @tinkzorg.

Kyeyune’s background includes involvement with the Swedish left; “post left” formations such as the Örebro Party (with, most notably, Markus Allard) and the conservative think tank Oikos. One of his persistent concerns is the class basis of the contemporary left in the “transferiat” and how this is reflected in its politics and ideology which is consistently hostile to the working class.

  • Beyond Left and Right?

    20 July 2024

    Does the marriage of economic progressivism with social conservatism signal a politics beyond Left and Right?