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Clément Faugier Chestnut Puree


The traditional “Crème de Marrons de l’Ardèche” recipe.

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In the realm of culinary tradition, a cherished treasure awaits: Clément Faugier’s “Crème de Marrons de l’Ardèche” chestnut puree, born in Privas, France in 1885. This venerable recipe embodies the essence of Ardèche, infusing each spoonful with the rich heritage of the region.

Versatile and indulgent, this chestnut puree transcends mere sustenance, offering a symphony of flavors that delight the senses. Whether enjoyed on its own as a decadent treat or incorporated into desserts such as pancakes, ice cream, or toast, its velvety texture and nuanced sweetness elevate every culinary creation.

Renowned as a baking essential, Clément Faugier’s chestnut puree lends its distinctive flavor to iconic desserts like the revered Mont Blanc cake, enriching each bite with a depth of flavor that speaks to generations of tradition and craftsmanship.

In the kitchens of Privas, where the legacy of Clément Faugier lives on, each jar of “Crème de Marrons de l’Ardèche” chestnut puree is a testament to the timeless allure of Ardèche’s culinary heritage. Let its exquisite flavor and unrivaled versatility inspire your culinary endeavors and transport you to the heart of France’s chestnut country.

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Clément Faugier


Chestnuts (50%), sugar, candied maroons, glucose syrup, water, vanilla essence Madagascar.



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