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Spelt soup mix


This Spelt Soup Mix from Casale Le Marmore contains pearl barley, green adzuki (or Mung) beans and peas. Ideal for making hearty soups, flavoured with a traditional ‘soffritto’ base of celery, carrots and onion and finished with caramelised smoked pancetta or bacon. The mix cooks in just 30 minutes, and doesn’t need to be pre-soaked.

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In the verdant hills of Casale Le Marmore, where time seems to slow to the rhythm of nature’s symphony, a humble yet hearty Spelt Soup Mix awaits, brimming with wholesome goodness and rustic charm. Crafted with care and passion, this blend of pearl barley, green adzuki beans (or Mung beans), and peas offers a delightful medley of textures and flavors, perfect for creating soul-warming soups that nourish both body and spirit.

Ideal for those seeking comfort in a bowl, this Spelt Soup Mix beckons to be transformed into a culinary masterpiece, its simple yet versatile nature lending itself to a myriad of delicious possibilities. Envisioned as the cornerstone of a traditional soup, it pairs harmoniously with a classic ‘soffritto’ base of celery, carrots, and onion, infusing every spoonful with the comforting warmth of home-cooked goodness. To elevate its humble essence further, consider the indulgent addition of caramelized smoked pancetta or bacon, their savory richness melding seamlessly with the earthy notes of the soup mix, creating a symphony of flavors that dance upon the palate.

Whether served as a nourishing meal on a chilly evening or as a comforting embrace during moments of solitude, this Spelt Soup Mix embodies the essence of wholesome simplicity and culinary delight. Convenience meets culinary excellence with Casale Le Marmore’s Spelt Soup Mix, as it cooks to perfection in just 30 minutes, sparing you the need for tedious pre-soaking rituals. Embrace the rustic charm of traditional Italian cuisine, celebrate the bounty of the land, and savor the joys of simple yet satisfying meals with every spoonful of this delightful soup mix. From the fields of Casale Le Marmore to your kitchen table, let this Spelt Soup Mix be a testament to the enduring appeal of rustic simplicity and the timeless allure of hearty comfort food.

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Casale Le Marmore


Pearled Spelt (30%), Lentils, Pearled Barley, Beans, Green Adzuki Beans, Peas. May contain traces of gluten and soy.


gluten, soy



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