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Squid Ink Linguine


Pastificio Morelli’s Squid Ink Linguine: A culinary symphony of tradition.

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In the dim-lit ambience of culinary artistry, where each ingredient sings in harmony with the discerning palate, Pastificio Morelli unveils a timeless treasure: Squid Ink Linguine, a culinary symphony crafted since 1860. Embracing the enigmatic allure of the ocean’s depths, each strand of linguine bears the velvety hue of midnight, a testament to the rich infusion of cuttlefish ink.

Here, within the sanctum of Morelli’s storied tradition, pasta transcends mere sustenance, becoming an odyssey of taste and texture. With each delicate twirl upon the fork, one embarks on a voyage of gastronomic discovery, where the secrets of wheat germ—an elixir of vitality—infuse every bite with a nourishing embrace.

Seductively enrobed in a cloak of creamy sauce, the Squid Ink Linguine emerges as a canvas for culinary creativity, beckoning the epicurean explorer to indulge in the sublime marriage of flavors. Or, for the purist at heart, a drizzle of olive oil, a whisper of garlic, and the succulent caress of prawns transform this dish into a symphony of simplicity and sophistication.

But it is not merely the taste that tantalizes the senses; it is the artisanal mastery, the meticulous care bestowed upon each strand, that elevates Morelli’s creation to the realm of gastronomic poetry. Through slow drying and artisanal preparation, each linguine achieves a divine al dente texture, inviting the diner to savor every nuance, every subtle revelation.

In selecting Morelli pasta, one chooses more than a meal; one selects a testament to tradition, to authenticity, and to the timeless pursuit of culinary excellence. With each bite, one partakes in a communion of flavors, a celebration of heritage, and a journey through the annals of epicurean delight. Pastificio Morelli beckons you to indulge in the pure, the genuine, and the truly delectable—where each forkful is a tribute to the artistry of pasta, and each meal a symphony of flavor that lingers, like the echoes of a cherished memory.

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Pastificio Morelli


Durum Wheat Semolina, Wheat Germ, Black Squid Ink. Contains wheat gluten, fish. The factory also handles egg and crustaceans.


gluten, fish

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy: 1496kJ/352kcal; fat 1.3g; of which saturated 0.4g; carbohydrates 68g; ; of which sugars 2.8g per; fibre 4.1g, protein15g; salt 0.2g.

Storage instructions

Keep in a cool, dry place

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