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Tomato Passata


Masseria Mirogallo produces this delicious passata starting with freshly harvested and carefully selected tomatoes. Simple yet delicious, this passata is an ideal product to always have in your kitchen for adding the flavour of high quality to your dishes.

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In the sun-kissed lands of Matera, where ancient traditions intertwine with modern sensibilities, Masseria Mirogallo tenderly cultivates the essence of Lucania’s bounty. From the fertile earth, they harvest only the finest tomatoes, handpicked and lovingly transformed into a delectable passata that embodies the essence of simplicity and quality.

Crafted with utmost care and devotion, Masseria Mirogallo’s passata is a testament to their commitment to preserving the authentic flavors of the land. Beginning with freshly harvested tomatoes, each fruit is meticulously selected to ensure only the best find their way into the artisanal process. With a recipe as pure as the sun’s rays that kiss the vine, this passata contains only one ingredient: tomatoes, nurtured by the rich soil and tender care of skilled hands.

Ideal for infusing dishes with the essence of high-quality flavor, Masseria Mirogallo’s passata is a staple in any kitchen, a culinary companion that elevates every meal with its rich, vibrant taste. Whether stirred into a simmering sauce or drizzled atop a freshly baked pizza, its simplicity enhances the natural essence of every ingredient, allowing the true flavors to shine through.

Founded in 1998 amidst the rugged beauty of Matera’s Chiese Rupestri park, Masseria Mirogallo stands as a beacon of tradition and innovation. With a steadfast dedication to quality over quantity, they marry age-old farming practices with modern techniques, ensuring each product reflects the purity of its origins. Theirs is a legacy of reverence for the land, a commitment to preserving forgotten varieties, and a deep-seated passion for sharing the flavors of Lucania with the world.

In every jar of Masseria Mirogallo’s passata, one finds not just a condiment, but a taste of history, a celebration of heritage, and a testament to the timeless allure of simple, wholesome ingredients. So, let the flavors of Matera’s sun-drenched fields grace your table, and savor the essence of Lucania with each spoonful of this delicious passata.

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