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Cursed Images by Reuben Dendinger


Cursed Images is a dream-journal of late capitalism, a Gothic tarot of desire and fear.

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In the haunting corridors of “Cursed Images,” dissolute trust-fund heirs wander amidst the shadows of Brooklyn, their lives entwined with the enigmatic threads of estranged kinship. A fractured bond reunites siblings amidst the chaos of an art exhibition gone awry, where madness seeps into the souls of unwitting spectators.

Amidst the backdrop of societal collapse, an epidemic of existential dread grips the collective consciousness, driving desperate souls to seek solace in the murky depths of a mysterious drug, bearing the ominous moniker of the Maya underworld. In the throes of desperation, a man risks everything for a chance encounter with the spectral queen of a ghostly castle, her existence veiled in uncertainty.

Within the pages of “Cursed Images,” satire dances with nightmare, entwining the erotic and the grotesque in a macabre ballet of prophecy and confession. It is a dream-journal of late capitalism, a Gothic tarot deck where desire and fear intertwine, weaving a tapestry of unsettling truths and unsettling illusions.

This edition features a painting by Anna Sebastian on the cover.

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Cursed Images


Hyperidean Press


Reuben Dendinger

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ISBN/EAN        9781916376786

  • Anna Sebastian

    Anna Sebastian’s painting practice follows alternative and imagined realities, myth, history, and religion.