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Ferrigno Squid Provençal


Organic squid Provençal or “Encornets à la Provençale” are a delectable seafood delicacy that captures the vibrant flavour of the Provence region in France.

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In the culinary tapestry of Provence, one finds a delightful symphony of flavors embodied in Tinned Squid à la Provençale. Tender squid, ensconced in a tin alongside a melange of Mediterranean-inspired ingredients, unveils a sensory journey reminiscent of sun-kissed shores and vibrant marketplaces.

Crafted according to tradition, the recipe harmonizes olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, onions, and aromatic herbs such as thyme and rosemary. A touch of tanginess, derived from lemon juice or white wine, adds depth to the ensemble, elevating each bite to a culinary revelation.

Tinned Squid à la Provençale emerges as a versatile delicacy, offering boundless possibilities in the realm of gastronomy. Whether relished as a standalone delight accompanied by crusty bread or interwoven into pasta for a swift and flavorful repast, its richness and savory notes enchant the palate with each indulgent morsel.

The Ferrigno cannery, nestled between the coastal gems of Marseille and Sete, stands as a bastion of culinary excellence. With over seven decades of mastery, Ferrigno epitomizes the art of transforming sea treasures into gastronomic marvels. Collaborating closely with local artisans, they curate a diverse array of superior-quality offerings, ranging from anchovies to sardines, tuna, and mackerels, ensuring a tapestry of flavors that captivates the senses and honors the culinary heritage of Provence.

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Weight.12 kg



Squid (70%), water, tomato paste, onions, white wine, extra virgin olive oil, salt, spices, aromatic plants, thickener (guar gum).



Nutritional values per 100g

Energy: 303 kJ/72kcal, fats: 3.1g including saturated fatty acids: 0.3g, Carbohydrates: < 0.5 g including sugars: < 0.5 g, Proteins: 9.8 g, Salt: 1, 80g.

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