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Casale Le Marmore Polenta is made from stone ground corn to retain the flavour and texture of the corn itself. Finely ground, this corn flour makes a soft and creamy polenta to enjoy with ragù, grilled vegetables, and more. Or, use this delicate flour in baked treats like the classic melighe corn flour cookies.

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In the rolling hills of Casale Le Marmore, where the whispers of history intertwine with the rhythms of nature, a culinary treasure awaits: Casale Le Marmore Polenta. Crafted with a reverence for tradition and a passion for quality, this stone-ground corn flour captures the essence of Italy’s rustic charm, preserving the flavor and texture of corn in every golden grain.

Meticulously ground to perfection, this corn flour yields a soft and creamy polenta that sings with the natural sweetness of the corn itself. With each spoonful, one is transported to sun-drenched fields and bountiful harvests, where the earth’s bounty is celebrated in every bite.

Versatile and endlessly satisfying, Casale Le Marmore Polenta is the perfect accompaniment to a myriad of culinary creations. Pair it with a rich and hearty ragù for a comforting meal that warms the soul, or serve it alongside grilled vegetables for a light and summery delight. Its delicate texture and subtle sweetness also make it an ideal ingredient for baked treats, such as the classic melighe corn flour cookies, where it lends a tender crumb and a hint of nostalgia to every bite.

Whether enjoyed as a savory side dish or as the star of a sweet treat, Casale Le Marmore Polenta embodies the essence of Italian cuisine: simple, honest, and utterly delicious. So go ahead, indulge in the timeless charm of stone-ground corn flour, and let the flavors of Casale Le Marmore transport you to a world where every meal is a celebration of nature’s bounty and the joy of good food.

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Casale Le Marmore


Precooked Corn Flour. May contain traces of gluten and soy.



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