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The Theory of the Avant-Garde by Renato Poggioli


Convinced that all aspects of modern culture have been affected by avant-garde art, Renato Poggioli explores the relationship between the avant-garde and civilization.

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In his penetrating exploration, Renato Poggioli delves into the intricate interplay between avant-garde art and the fabric of civilization itself. With a keen eye for historical parallels and contemporary manifestations, Poggioli unveils the profound impact of the avant-garde on the cultural landscape, revealing it as both a reflection and a catalyst of broader socio-cultural currents.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of examples spanning the arts, Poggioli illuminates how the avant-garde serves as a barometer of societal shifts, embodying and influencing the spirit of its time. From the revolutionary fervor of past epochs to the avant-garde’s enduring relevance in the modern era, Poggioli contends that it is the avant-garde that stands as the true vanguard of artistic innovation and cultural transformation.

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The Theory of the Avant-Garde


The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press


Renato Poggioli

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