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Castaing Ratatouille


Ratatouille is a versatile accompaniment to chicken, fish or meat. Serve it over rice or pasta, or in a bowl with sliced fresh bread with a pached egg for a simple and healthy meal.

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Experience the vibrant flavors of the South of France with Castaing’s ready-made ratatouille, a culinary masterpiece bursting with tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, and courgettes. Crafted by one of France’s most prestigious producers, Castaing, this ratatouille offers a taste of tradition and authenticity in every bite.

Versatile and nutritious, ratatouille is the perfect accompaniment to chicken, fish, or meat. Serve it over rice or pasta for a hearty meal, or enjoy it simply in a bowl with sliced fresh bread. Made to a traditional recipe with the addition of piment d’Espelette, this ratatouille promises to elevate your dishes with its rich and aromatic flavor profile.

Castaing, renowned for their expertise in foie gras production, brings their culinary mastery to every jar of ratatouille. With a commitment to quality and tradition, Castaing ensures that each batch of ratatouille is crafted using only the finest ingredients, providing you with a kitchen staple that’s both convenient and delicious.

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Tomatoes 21%, green and red peppers 18.5%, eggplant 15.9%, zucchini 15.9%, onions 13%, water, olive oil, sugar, garlic, starch, aromatic plants, salt, Espelette pepper, pepper.


May contain traces of allergens/

Nutritional values per 100g

Energy 63kcal/265kJ; fat 30g, <0.5g; carbohydrates 83g, of which sugars 42g; protein 15g; salt 1.g;fibre 1.79g.

ISBN/EAN        3332270006954