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Organic Bergamot Jam


The bergamot orange and ginger jam is produced with local raw materials from organic agriculture.

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Indulge in the exquisite harmony of flavors with our Lemon and Ginger Jam, a testament to the lush abundance of the Calabrian countryside. Crafted with care and dedication, this delightful concoction captures the essence of sun-kissed lemons and fiery ginger, creating a symphony of tangy zest and gentle warmth.

Handpicked from organic orchards and groves, our locally sourced ingredients ensure a pure and authentic taste experience. Each jar is a celebration of Calabria’s rich culinary heritage, meticulously prepared to preserve the natural goodness of the fruits.

From its invigorating aroma to its vibrant hue, our jam is a feast for the senses, destined to elevate your morning toast or afternoon scone to new heights of gastronomic delight.

At Callipo Conserve, we are committed to crafting products of unparalleled quality, rooted in tradition and enriched by innovation. With over a century of expertise in preserving the flavors of the Mediterranean, we invite you to experience the essence of Calabria with every spoonful of our Lemon and Ginger Jam.

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Lemon 45%, Cane sugar*, Candied ginger 10%, Water, Jelling agents: locus bean gum*, Antioxidant: ascorbic acid, *Organic ingredients

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