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Tropea Onion IGP Red Onion Jam


This savoury jam is made with IGP red onions from Tropea Calabria, renowned for their particular sweetness and high digestibility.

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Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Calabria with our savory Red Onion Jam from Tropea, a culinary gem crafted by Callipo Conserve. Made with the finest IGP red onions from the sun-kissed fields of Tropea, Calabria, renowned for their exceptional sweetness and superior digestibility, this jam is a true taste sensation.

Each jar is bursting with the natural goodness of hand-selected red onions, delicately balanced with a touch of sugar, vinegar, and fragrant bay-tree. Our skilled artisans infuse the jam with elder juice to enhance its depth of flavor, while a hint of salt adds the perfect finishing touch.

Ideal as a gourmet condiment for cheese platters, grilled meats, or sandwiches, our Red Onion Jam elevates any dish with its rich, complex taste and enticing aroma. With Callipo Conserve, experience the authentic flavors of Calabria’s culinary heritage in every spoonful.

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Callipo Conserve


“Red Onion from Tropea Calabria IGP” 90%, Sugar, Vinegar, Jelling agent: fruit pectin, Elder juice, Salt, Bay-tree

ISBN/EAN        8001561015580